Vetted talent built for startup chaos and messy growth

We rapidly deploy 10x talent across revenue, ops and marketing. We’ll onboard people who love solving hard problems onto your team, and define the scope for your long-term hire.

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The Generalist Co. was amazing to work with. Our Generalist was smart, energetic, and brought a can-do attitude to every challenge we threw his way.  

He was excellent communicator and brings rigor to all of the experiments he works on. I’d absolutely love to get to work with them again


Founder @ Stashpad

Nic is unlike anything I’ve seen in my career. She set the gold standard for problem solving through a bias toward innovation.

She’s an operational wizard with an unparalleled ability to execute.


Head Of Marketing @ EVEN

Hiring Lee is the best decision you’ll make!

Lee’s superpower of quickly understanding a client’s operations, pain points, and needs, and implementing tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet those needs, makes him invaluable.


CEO @ Coast tO Helicopters

Working with a person who is quick to respond, task-focused, intuitive, and hard working is a breath of fresh air.

We cannot recommend The Generalist Co. highly enough.


Director @ AG doors

Since working with the The Generalist Co. we have been able to scale our team and our services.

The level professionalism from them has been to an extremely high standard. We would strongly recommend their services. From one startup owner who just needed that bit of help to another.



The Generalist Co. provides incredible support. Our Generalist was an agile, fast paced, and skilful asset.
They were both professional and personable and their work helped lay the foundations for our growth and expansion. We’re truly grateful to The Generalist Co. for their diligent, high level work


Director @ EBV

The support of The Generalist Co. helped to fill a gap in expertise within our core team. It was a unique opportunity to have someone who was a temporary member of the team, whilst being able to offer an outside and informed perspective.


Director @ Thinking black

Our Generalist became completely indispensible to our team. I don't know what we would have done without them!

The Generalist Co. is simply an amazing service.


Head of Growth @ Prolific

The Generalist Co's expertise and direction were so key in overcoming  issues in my business and setting a trajectory for development.

I'm so grateful for their support and definitely recommend them for strategic direction


Founder @ celebraids

The Generalist Co provided a brilliant strategist, entrepreneur, and tactician, who was perfect in advancing the cause of public service broadcasting. They combined research, data analysis, and broad campaigning tools to huge effect, making them an absolute pleasure to work with.


Partner @ nwI

They were fizzing with ideas and just just got things done. They were a natural leader, with outstanding judgement, who created a sense of community and belonging.

A real joy to work with.


Head of Comms @ labour party

They were one of the most capable professionals I've ever worked with. Excelling in their role, they also contributed across many teams, from product to customer success, helping out wherever they could


Global Content Manager @ insider

Startup growth is super messy

You only survive in this world by moving fast and breaking things. At your breaking points, you need talented people to help you solve hard problems quickly. Other options for getting that talent fall short.


Hard to vet and lack commitment.

Traditional Hiring

Can take months from job ad to onboarding


Expensive and impersonal


Not super useful outside their assigned roles

Get Growth Without Messy Growing Pains


Turbocharge your team with start-up veterans who specialise in taming chaos


We'll quickly create strategies, build systems, and clear your to-do list, across any business function.

Hire & Train

Then, we'll find the right people to replace us long-term and train them in how you operate

We Thrive in Chaos

We are former founders, veteran start-up operators, jack-of-all-trades, and wearers of many hats - Generalists who are passionate about building impactful start-ups by rolling up our sleeves and bringing order to chaos.


"Nic set the gold standard for problem solving through a bias toward innovation and a level of stick-to-itiveness unlike anything I've seen in my career"

Dara - Head Marketing | Even


"He fizzes with ideas and is someone who get things done. He is a natural leader, with outstanding judgement, who creates a sense of community and belonging. A real joy to work with."

Jo - Head of Comms | The Labour Party


"He was an exceptional creative leader and drove his team on to great success on global and regional accounts. He is a quick and imaginative thinker who would be a great asset to any agency or company."

Mark - Executive Creative Director | Grey Germany


"Lindsey is a legend. A team player & genuinely passionate and lovely person. A true, multifaceted legend"

Max - Co-Founder | Farmer Willie's

What is a Generalist?

A generalist is a jack-of-all-trades - one person with multiple skills, who can effectively fill multiple roles.

We can do it all - from simple daily tasks, to complex project management.

Hire Multiple Roles in One

Without all the stress & expense that comes with recruiting multiple people.

We'll Do Everything You Don't Have the Time or Skills For

Growth Experimentation


Web Design


Project Management

Data Analysis

User Research



Community Building

Event Planning

Software Development


People & Culture

Team Management

Content Creation

Customer Service

Talent Acquisition

Public Relations

+ whatever else you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Generalist?

A Generalist is like a Swiss Army knife for your business – versatile, adaptable, and ready to tackle a wide range of tasks. They can fit into multiple roles simultaneously, helping you do more and get there faster.

How is hiring a Generalist different from hiring a specialist?

While specialists excel in their specific areas, a Generalist provides you with flexibility and a broad skill set. It’s the equivalent of having multiple specialists rolled into one, saving you time, money, and effort.

What Industries or types of businesses can benefit from a Generalist?

We’re best for businesses with small teams, particularly startups who want to scale quickly without the wait of traditional hiring. Our Generalists bring diverse experience to meet your immediate needs, providing a temporary yet impactful solution, and pave the way for long-term hires to sustain your momentum.

How do you ensure a good fit between the Generalist and our company?

We prioritize understanding your business’s unique needs and culture. Our selection process ensures that the Generalist aligns with your goals, industry, and team dynamics.

How long is the engagement period with a Generalist?

It’s flexible! Depending on your needs, projects, and objectives, the engagement period can be adjusted. We’re here to ensure you get the most out of the deployment.

Are there any hidden fees or costs?

Transparency is key for us. All costs will be discussed upfront, and there are no hidden charges. You only pay for the services you use.

How do I onboard a Generalist into my team?

Once you decide to engage with a Generalist, we direct the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth integration into your team.

What if I’m not satisfied with the Generalist’s performance?

It’s all about meeting your needs! If you have any concerns, we’re here to address them and ensure you get the value you’re looking for.

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